We have reached our rider limit for this year. 
Please note the changes located under the Registration tab.

Like in years past, this year's event will be headquartered at Piney Campground.  Click on the Camping Information link to learn more about Piney Campground.  

September 12-13, 2015
About the ride
The LBL 200 is a two-day dual sport event that takes place in the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area in Cadiz, KY.  The ride consists of trails, gravel, and paved roads inside the recreation area.  The trails located in LBL are some of the best in the country.  Motorcycles are only allowed on these trails one time a year, and that's for this event.  The ride starts on Saturday morning around 8am, riders are given a route sheet, and have the discretion to ride at their own pace.  We provide lunch on Saturday at a stop point, and there will be a Saturday night banquet, in which we provide the food as well.  Sunday's ride is a bit shorter than Saturday's; we provide lunch on Sunday at the campground.  Saturday's ride is usually around 150 miles and Sunday is normally in the 80 mile range.  Much like last year, we will be utilizing trails that are inside LBL exclusively. Please note the bike requirements located on the registration page.  Also, please take look at the F.A.Q. page to hopefully help clear up any confusion about the ride.

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