Frequently asked questions

Where will I get fuel at?

We will have a fuel tank located at a central point of the ride that you will have two chances both days to stop and fill up.  We will have two pumps this year to keep from having a line at the fuel stop. You will not have to pay for fuel, it is included in your entry fee.

How far will I ride between gas Stops?

Day 1 / Saturday mileage between stops:

Start to 1st fuel stop- 38.5 miles
1st fuel stop to 2nd fuel stop- 59.7 miles
2nd fuel stop to finish- 33.0

Day 2 / Sunday mileage between stops:

Start to 1st fuel stop- 38.5
1st fuel stop to 2nd fuel stop- 16.2
2nd fuel stop to finish- 42.7

Can I sign-up for a single day ride?

Unfortunately, we only offer a two day option.  It costs the same price whether or not you choose to ride just one or both days.  Keep in mind, riding both days includes a t-shirt and food.  The reason for this is, when we did offer a single day option some people would sign up for both days, only chose to ride one day, and then try to get reimbursed for the second day that they originally signed up for, but didn't ride.  It ends up just being confusing and frustrating for everyone when this happens.  Sorry if this in a inconvenience to anyone, and we hope it doesn't deter you from our wonderful event!

Do I have to hold an AMA membership card to ride this event?

Yes, the AMA now requires a current membership in order to ride this event. If you want to ride but do not want to pay the $49 membership fee, the AMA does offer a $20 event pass that will meet the requirement.  Both of these can be purchased at the event sign-up.

What must my bike have in order to ride the event?

In order to comply with the U.S Forestry Service, your bike must have the following things: a working headlight & taillight, a horn, one mirror, license plate, and exhaust with a flame arrestor.

What time will the ride begin both days?

There is no specific start time; however, most people usually head out around 8:00am both days.  Others prefer to wait around until 9:00am or so.  It's up to you!

How long is each day's ride?

Saturday's ride usually works out to be about 150 miles, while Sunday's is shorter--around 80 miles.

How do I know if my entry form has been received?

If you provide an e-mail address on your entry form, we do our best to send you a confirmation e-mail once your entry form and payment are received.  If you happen to not hear from us, feel free to e-mail us at, and ask if we received it!

How do I know if there is still space available for me to ride the LBL200? 

We do our best to keep an updated rider entry number, and try to post it on the website.  However, if this isn't possible, we definitely will post on here when spaces are becoming limited.  We accept around 250 riders, and spots usually fill up rather quickly! Also, like stated above, if you are unsure, you can always e-mail us before sending in your form and payment, and we can let you know if space is available!

Sounds great.  How do I sign up?

Sign up by going to the sign-up tab at the top, and download and print the entry form.  Keep the first page for your own information, but fill out the second page and send it in with your entry fee to the address listed on the form.